Wednesday, June 30, 2010

CUFA USA participates in US Social Forum 2010

The Social Forum 2010 was held in Detroit, Michingan from June 22nd through the 26th and CUFA USA was there, in one of the poorest cities within the USA, not just  to experience this very positive event, but also to  contribute    with ideas and able hands in order to help this project get a step closer to its ultimate goal.

The purpose of the Forum was not only promote a conference but to serve as movement building process giving opportunity and space for the people to come up with solutions to the economic, social and ecological crisis.

The USSF was an important step in our struggle to build a powerful  multi-racial, multisectoral, inter-generational, diverse, inclusive internationalist movement that can change history. “Detroit is ground zero for the economic crisis facing millions of people, not only in Michigan, but across the nation,” says Maureen Taylor, a US Social Forum staff organizer and chair of the Michigan Welfare Rights Organization (MWRO).

“There’s nothing better than the opportunity of seeing more than twenty thousand people (20,000) united in a place to talk about realities and solutions to the world’s crisis, that’s amazing,”  Says Felipe Gomes who has been representing CUFA USA in the event.

Detroit is a spectacular example of devastation, poverty, and economic problems. A city that shows everyone a beautiful downtown with huge buildings and a peaceful lake where you can see Canada,   but directly across on the other side is a city which is becoming a ghost town because it has been forgotten by the ones who should really should care for it, the Government of the Unites States of America. But at the same time is also a  wonderful  example of the power of community. Communities like Georgia Street, which in the middle of the mass is surviving from their own community garden, education, help from their association and most importantantly their honest will to make it better and never give up! 

That’s how Detroit still manages to keep up the rest of what was one day considered a good place to live. Because all of this situation, Detroit City was one of the biggest issues and examples within the US Social Forum 2010.
Aspects like recycle, community service, economy,  social movements, going green, urbanism, security, justice were examples brought to table and discussed in the USSF. It gave an opportunity for everyone in the workshops, in the meetings, even in the corridors to show the  realities that they experieced around the world, allowing for new solutions that will prepare for the new challegenges that coming up. A gigantic exchange of experiences.

CUFA USA was represented by Felipe Gomes sharing its powerful name through logo display and its purpose with all the atendees and organizations present at the in the USSF.  It was a good opportunity to demonstrate that we are already in the US and that we intend to do something really helpful and important for  the American people. It was also a great opportunity  to meet people and develop strong partnerships. There’s no better place to do something like this that at a Social Forum. It is wonderful that people were coming and asking me about CUFA and about our activities, demonstrating  open minds and without any reservations talking about a better world!  That’s the feeling that we get when we really care of our people!” says Felipe Gomes.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

CUFA USA - Michigan hosted a Community Poetry Workshop

CUFA USA - Michigan hosted a Community Poetry Workshop at a public city school with renowned poet, dramatist and film maker Kareemah El Amim. El Amin is a very influential name in the field of social projects linked to poetry, art and music.

This was an excellent opportunity to introduce CUFA, not only to Kareemah, but also to the community in general allowing a space for development of new and bigger contacts.

We were invited by Kareemah to attend a poetry audition taking place next week, where we will give continuity to the conversations we began today where she demonstrated much motivation and affirmed that it will be a great pleasure to contribute to the promotion of other activities along with CUFA USA.

This is another opportunity facilitating creative development and expression for the youth of the United States of America, with a foundation built of not just amazing teamwork between CUFA USA and dedicated Artists such as Kareemah, but more importantly with the mission to open up a window of hope for youth of less fortunate communities to naturally develop their creativity and consequently hope and belief that “You CAN do anything you set your mind too.”

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Together We Can Make A Difference!

                                                           CUFA USA - LOS ANGELES 

Yesterday, CUFA USA's Los Angeles branch hosted CUFA USA’s 1st Annual Favela Fundraiser , it was a great event for families of all ages, where the communities came together to enjoy live music, CAPOcufa, Pagode de Mesa with Renato Cupim from Sambajah, Soccer Clinic for kids with Coach Luis Dos Santos, B-ball fun 
with  Jay “Boogie“ from the Hooptainers  Basketball Team,  and LIVE Graffiti Art Show with guest artist Ray Robledo,
We'd like to thank everyone who participated.   Together We Just Made History! 

Monday, June 7, 2010


United States T.V show I MUSIC talks about CUFA, MV BILL and NEGA GIZZA

CUFA USA’s Brazilian Culture Festival 2010

CUFA - (Central Única das Favelas) is a Brazilian Non-Profit Organization that works with youth providing opportunity and hope for people of Slum communities. Through many projects in areas of education, culture, sports and arts, CUFA reaches out to more than 50,000 youth within Brazil, and most recently in 2009, the organization crossed the oceans and initiated CUFA International in many countries. We would like to invite you and all your friends to kick off CUFA USA’s 1st Annual Favela Fundraiser. Come out and support an organization that takes help to where it is really needed. Learn more about CUFA:

SUNDAY JUNE 13TH, 2010 @   12:00-5:00PM
303 Pacific Coast Hwy (corner of PCH & 3rd)
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254 

Come and join us for a Family Fun day filled with Brazilian Culture. Food, music and recreational activities!
  • Brazilian Churrasco/Bbq , Aҫai, Guaraná,
  • CapoCUFA (capoeira), Pagode de Mesa with Renato Cupim from Sambajah,                Brazilian DJ Izael, Samba Show with Casa do Samba Drummers and Dancers
  • Soccer Clinic for kids with Coach Luis Dos Santos- 2:30-3:30pm,
  • B-ball fun with Jay “ Boogie “ from the Hooptainers -12:00-2:00pm
  • LIVE Graffiti Art Show with guest artist Ray Robledo, Prize giveaways & raffles

Volunteers are welcome! 

To support please email: 

or call:
 (314)497- 2167