Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer Camp with CUFA's All STAR streetball legend Jay "Boogie"

CUFA USA's Los Angeles team spent an afternoon with the kids from Venice B-ball camp today. The b-ball camp focuses on teaching street basketball fundamentals and techniques to kids ages 5-12 years old,  and although 120 kids were present, it was so fun and so NOISY that it sure felt like we had double the amount of kids in the gym!
It is always incredible to be reminded just how important the relationship the coaches share with the campers is and how these role models can really bring joy and hope to them. We successfully fulfilled our primary goal to use activities such as sports as a tool both to relate  to and reach the kids, get to know them and make sure that we see a smile on each and every child's face.
Jay Boogie is the man behind the smiles, CUFA USA's motivational speaker, mentor and ALL STAR player from the world famous HOOPTAINERS.
The fact that the man has mad game is notable within seconds after the ball reaches his hands, he can sport so many tricks in a 20 second time frame that anyone watching is left without words, and not to mention dizzy from just watching his ball disappearance tricks!!!
What many might not know is that the South Central LA native has his hear set on giving back, knowing the difficulties associated with growing up in a poor community inspires him to reach out and make a difference.
And that wrapped up a day filled with new friendships, big smiles and renewed self-esteem!

Invited by CUFA, Brazil Presidential Candidates will go to the FAVELAS (Slums, Ghettos) to present their proposals to the people

Democracy and the Slums

CUFA, Central Union of the Slums invites all residents of The City of God, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as in the prior elections, to welcome the 2010 Presidential Candidates. This is a time where the community will hear each party's proposal and have an opportunity to address and discuss their social problems as well as have a chance to come up with their own counter-proposals.

It is important to highlight that CUFA exercises this initiative for more than 15 years. It is in this same " Favela", portuguese word meaning Slum, that we have received many other Candidates, such as Geraldo Alckmin, Fernando Gabeira, Eduardo Paes, Jandira Feghali, Cesar Maia and even current Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva among others that at the time pleaded for their space within the world of politics. With that being said, CUFA invites the candidates for a democratic gathering of which the purpose concentrates on narrowing the gap of the relationship between the Rio de Janeiro Favela communities and the Presidential Candidates of Brazil. The gathering will take place at CUFA's City of God Branch located at: rua José Arimatéia, nº 90.

So far the following candidates have already confirmed their attendance, Marina Silva and Dilma Roussef, whose parties did not hesistate to publicize their appearance, also Plínio Sampaio. Both Marina Silva and Dilma Roussef openly notified through their official twitters that they will be present at the City of God.

Candidates invited:
Plínio Arruda Sampaio (confirmed), Marina Silva (confirmed), Dilma Roussef (confirmed), and José Serra ( awaiting confirmation).

Friday, July 9, 2010


Victims of the Rio de Janeiro Floods and mudslides receive cement donation

CUFA, Central Union of the Slums of Rio de Janeiro, in partnership with the State of Rio de Janeiro, participated this Wednesday July 7, 2010 in a event at a Rio neighborhood school Joao Ayres Saldanha, where twelve tons of cement was given to the families affected by the floods and mudslides that occured earlier this year. 70 families were iniatially registered to receive the help, but the donations went beyong expectation and aid reached more than 150 families with each family receiving 120 kilos. The figures were recorded at the time of the event.

Present at the event was Carolina Figuereido of Chrevron, the company donating the cement, Marina Pombo from Firjan the company mediating the donation, and Allen Borges the Superintendent of Youth Public Policies, representating the Government of Rio. Also there were Nega Gizza and MV Bill along with the reperesentatives of CUFA.

According to Chevron's Social public relations coordinator, Carolina Figueredo, CUFA had an important role in the intermediation, serving as a fundamental partner in the area of registering the families in need, " Without CUFA, we would not have been able to reach these families that needed help." concluded Carolina, adding that she hopes that the cement provided simbolizes hope, and a new beginning for the families.

Firjan- Federation of the Industries of the state of Rio de Janeiro, was represented by the coordinator of social relations Mariana Pombo who stated " Firjan's role here is to promote and build an awareness for the industries of Rio de Janeiro to create programs and social actions within the state." MV Bill and Nega Gizza spoke about the importance of the cement donation being more than an act, but rather a solution,one more way to ease the suffering of the families that were victims to the floods." The government representative, Allen Borges said that " this is not just a cement donation, it represents hope." One of the recepients of the aide, Ronald Oliveira, shared that he received 3 bags of cement, a very gratifying help for someone who was left with nothing.
This was another event that showed the importance and power of CUFA's mobilization within the society, reiterating our role and commitment to the society to provide citizenship, education, culture and sports to the less fortunate.

By: Cristiana Richard
Photos: Luciano Gomes
Translation: CUFA USA

Monday, July 5, 2010


Last Saturday May 26th, The LIIBRA European Circuit hosted a street basketball tournament in the city of Vienna, Austria. More than 200 people gathered to watch the event that had the German team as the big winner. In second place was the Austrian team, and the kings of the alpahalts of Italy took home the third spot.
The European Circuit is a preparation for the LIIBRA Worldwide Competition that takes place each year in Brazil, this year from December 2nd-12th in the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.
Stay tuned to the LIIBRA site and check out what is going down in streetball around the world!!!

The tournament began....The battle for the ball is between two players " Baixo", ( For the Blue team jumps Mambro) and the fist meet starts.
The quartet see the court, beyond the legendary captain Puty, Penny e Alby.

Later, at the warm-ups the Blue team heads on. The first meet is about to begin and the try outs of the team's new long distance shots!

(Courtesy of Daniele Magni- CUFA ITALY Coordinator)